Best Toilet Step Stool For You

The ideal pooping position is a squat—a posture that toilet stools help simulate by raising a person’s feet while they’re sitting on the toilet.

So, find the perfect toilet stools is necessary for you in Daily life.

HiyaaLifestyle Health Care Toilet Stool

A qualified toilet stool must have the following points:

Ergonomic And Health:

Toilet Stool helps you mimic a natural squat to Help Relieve Straining, Constipation.35° comfortable defecation angle.

Potty stool helps you mimic a natural to properly align your colon with a more complete and easier elimination.

You are relieving and reducing straining and bloating of the bowel. Gets you in the perfect position for healthy bowel elimination. Improved toilet posture adds to the chances of a healthy life and longevity.

Practical And Universal:

The whole family (including the elderly, children, pregnant women, etc.) can be assured to use, works with any toilet. The elegant appearance also has a strong bearing capacity, more in line with the mechanical design, more firm and stable, able to bear 450lb.

Easy to clean:

Each bamboo toilet stool undergoes rigorous processing during production, can be easily cleaned with a cloth or rinse directly with water, convenient and straightforward.

Hiyaalifestyle Toilet Stool is one of the least expensive dedicated toilet stools you can buy.

Now you can choose Hiyaalifestyle toilet stools and ensure that you can find comfort and convenience in any room of your interior.

An ideal health care tool for the whole family. This toilet stool helps adjust your squatting position when you were sitting on the toilet. Make you eliminate processes faster than usual and emptier than before. The more complete you eliminate, the less toxic build-up in your colon.

HiyaaLifestyle Health Care Toilet Stool

[Comfortable Elimination]:

Sit comfortably on the toilet when putting your feet on this toilet stool. Adjust the distance between this toilet stool and the toilet.

Get your body position close to the most natural squat position. And start your optimal elimination.

[Ergonomic Design]:

Different from the original stool, this toilet stool is design to improve your colon health. With a scientific angle that fits human body needs.

There is a slope design for heels raising, making you sit in the right position.

The surface and the feet of this toilet stool are anti-slip. You have no worries when eliminating. Better muscle tense helps to empty your colon. They are providing you with wonderful toilet time.

[Foot Massage]:

There is a 2.75’’ roller with little trigger points. Put and roll your feet on it can irritate and improve your blood circulation.

Use this toilet stool when you were sitting on the sofa, watching TV or chatting with friends. Rolling your feet on this stool, both of your mental and physical get relaxed.

HiyaaLifestyle Health Care Toilet Stool

[One Size Fits All]:

High quality of recycled plastic, so it is durable with heavy load duty. Smooth edge provides you with a wonderful using experience.

The size of this toilet stool is about 18’’ (L)* 10.2’’ (W) * 6.7’’ (H). You can see the detailed size data in a picture in the photo gallery.

It can perfectly put in store in your bathroom, living room, balcony, backyard and office.

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