Economical Home & Office Wireless Charger Recommend

In our daily life, we rely more and more on electronic products such as mobile phones. So having a good wireless charger is very important.

The wireless charging is more about convenience than speed.

Wireless is best suited for when you’re at a desk and want to be able to pick up your phone quickly without fumbling to unplug it, or for overnight charging, when the time necessary to charge fully isn’t as important.

With full-surface charging by wireless charging, good and portable wireless charging must allow you to place two or more phones or earbuds anywhere on the pad and receive fast wireless charging for each at the same time.

We suggest you choose Hiyaalifestyle Portable Wireless Charger 6 in 1, economical for you to use this at home or office. Low price and high quality, useful.

Portable Wireless Charger 6 in 1

Hiyaalifestyle Portable Wireless Charger 6 in 1

[Widely Compatible]: 

This is an ideal wireless charger for Apple Watch 1/2/3/4/5/6/SE, IPhone 12/ 12 Pro/ 11/ 11 Pro/ SE/ X/ XS/ XR/ Xs Max/ 8/ 8 Plus, Galaxy S20/S10 and other Qi enabled device. Dock charging compatible for Airpods 1/2/Pro.

2021 Portable Wireless Charger 6 in 1


The mature automatic control technology ensures many protections for your devices. Over-temperature protection, over-voltage protection and over-current protection. 10W stable output can be constantly charged to your devices. It can reduce many damages to the device’s battery during charging. With this protection, you can feel free when using this charger. And it’s a way to save your money.

[Wireless & Fast Charging]: 

This wireless charger is compatible with devices with Qi- enable. (Devices with wireless charging can be charged) Devices can be charged at the same time. There is an output hole on the base in case of devices crossed because of their size. You can charge that oversize device with another wire.

[Portable & Lightweight]: 

It is 9* 3.5 inches (L* W). You can put it into your bag or suitcase without taking too much of its space. This wireless charger is lightweight. It is perfect for traveling or having a business trip. It is also useful for office, home or cafe. No longer worry about the various charging cables in your life, making your desk clean and tidy.

[Anti- Slip Design]: 

There is silicone under the base to make sure the charger won’t move when charging. Your phone and other devices won’t fall to the ground.

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