2021 Ideal Ice Chest Cooler

Ice chest cooler is now more and more command in our daily life. In the past, we went camping with food, drinks and some cooked food.

And these are easy to get unfresh, especially in such hot summer.

We all want to have an iced drink while talking, having a BBQ or having outdoor activities. And most of the time, we can drink cans of drinks which are at normal temperature.

HiyaaLifestyle ice chest cooler is the greatest invention of providing us with fantastic cooling effects of foods and other supplements.

This ice chest cooler has a beautiful looking, and it’s useful. White color makes it has an outstanding ability of resistance of the strong sunray.

So it can reflect more sunray for losing heat. The high quality of inner material ensures that foods and other supplements keep fresh and cold for longer than the original product.

With a sweet design for users, the lid can be removed and turned over for cup holding. And now you can take out other cans or bottles of ice drinks quickly.

And it can be a table, too. High-quality and helpful camping equipment makes your gathering time more convenient and happy.

Not only is it best for camping, but it also an ideal product for fishing, beach activities or many other outdoor activities.

This ice chest cooler is also can be cleaned easily. With a smooth surface, you can wipe it with a wet towel or flush it with water. The dirt can be removed immediately.

You don’t have to worry that it will get damaged even if it falls off or bumped over the road. It is tough enough to resist the hard trip.

About This Product:

Perfect for Outdoor Activities:

This portable Ice Chest Cooler is suitable for camping, BBQ, fishing, beach activities or driving tour, etc. Its big capacity can hold most of the supplies you need.

Excellent Insulation:

Designed with three layers, ploy urethane (PU) foam material is the core of keeping air in the case staying cool. 

The inner material of the case is propene polymer (PP) material and the outer material is polyethylene (PE) material.

Providing you with long effect of insulation for 2-5days. (If pre-cooled and put it away from direct sun exposing, effect keeps longer) High quality of materials and mature producing skills ensure its strong body too. Making more conveniences and joys for your outdoors activities.

Locking Heavy Duty Handle:

Easy openned and locked handle help foods and drinks stay in the case when the the trip is bumpy. 

Close the lid, carry this ice chest cooler to go as usual, it is already locked by you. Actually when the handle is placed behind, the ice cooler is locked. Same when you carrying it.

Only when you place the handle in the front, is it unlocked. You don’t have to worry about that things will drop out once the case fell down. Fishes won’t jump out of your case anymore.

Trolley Case with Wheels:

With big capacity of holding, a trolley type of ice chest cooler is more useful for you. Well assemble ensure every single wheel walks smoothly.

Durable and soft rubber of wheel reduces noise when walking. 

Adjustable handle make you feel more comfortable when carrying it. There are 2 ergonomic grips one on each side for convenient moving.

Cups & Cans Holder:

Sweet design of cup holders. Think about it, when you’re camping or taking break from beach activities with friend.

At this moment, take out some coffees, beers or wine from the ice cooler, turn over the lid and you guys can put the drinks or your cups on it.

The trolley ice cooler case has two cup holders on the top of the lid.

What’s more, this design means your case looks more fashion and stylish. Believe me, people will pronounce a “WOW” when they see this ice chest cooler.

More Details:

  • 24L= 20 Qt, 28L= 25 Qt, 33L= 28 Qt, 38L= 34 Qt
  • big capacity and easy carrying
  • trolley or handle type
  • fashion out look
  • long- lasting effect
  • put the ice cooler away from place where is under the impact of direct sunlight.

Hope you can have a fabulous experience using this ice chest cooler. High-quality outdoor supplements, high satisfaction with your trips.

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