Why Consider Choosing Solar Garden Lights

Everyone wants to decorate their house as a dream house. But sometimes, we are stuck in all kinds of problems when choosing decorating accessories like landscape lighting.

The traditional landscape lighting can’t work without electricity supply by wire. And this may raise a high cost of money. The series connection of the lights is not going to work once they get wet.

And now, more and more ungraded landscape lights are produced. People tend to choose the Solar Ground Lights because they are convenient to use.

And they are multi-functional and useful. They meet most people’s needs. We can know people’s habits, personality, characteristics or style by their taste in house decorations.

Designers are paying more attention to the value of Solar Garden Lights. Durable, saving money from electricity fees, colorful and high-lumens, etc. Designers consider all these factors.

Here’s why you should consider choosing Solar Landscape Lights.

[Solar Energy Supply & Battery supply]:

HyiyaaLifestyle solar pathway lights are wireless, and they can be charged by absorbing solar energy. The working time will change by the weather, but it can still work constantly for all night by 4- 6hours of fully charged.

It has a big capacity of battery so it can work longer than the original disk light. Batteries don’t need to be replaced often because the disk light can be automatically charged by daylight.

[Automatically Turn on & off]:

It will automatically turn on and off. Solar pathway lights will absorb solar energy in daylight and then automatically turn on at night time.

There is an on and off button at the bottom of it. Fixed it and press the button to turn it on, and you can enjoy the beautiful lighting.

[High Lumen & Colorful ]:

HiyaaLifhestyle ground light has 8 lumens, so it has enough brightness for lighting. The light shade is made of crystal glasses, and it’s translucent.

And the LED light bulb is high-quality. High light transmittance helps it easily Lighting up space. It has 5 colors, and it can use for different occasion decorations. 

[Stylish Garden Landscape Lighting]:

Adopted IP64 grade waterproof design to be applied outdoor. No worries about the rain, snow or foggy weather.

You can use these garden solar ground lights in the garden, backyard, lawn, patio, pathway or balcony. Many ways can fix these solar ground lights.

Put them along the pathway, surround it with grasses or cobblestones. No ones will take them because they don’t think they are wireless and can be taken away. And you can replace them easily with your creations.

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