Powerful Magic Circle Wireless Charger

A magic circle is a circle of area marked out by experts of some branches of ritual magic, which they normally think will certainly include power and also form a sacred space, or will provide them a kind of magical defense, or both.

So, we design Magic Circle Wireless Charger for your phone. Make your cell phone more powerful.

Hiyaahome 10 W Magic Circle Wireless Charger

[Magic Circle Design]

This magic array wireless charger is inspirited by the shape of the magic pottery plant shape in medieval.

There is 244 LED light in under the plate, once you put the phone onto the plate, the magic circle wireless charger could start to light up the magic array with the music ringing, and your phone would get charging at the same time.

There are two colours of collections for you to select, get one, begin your magic trip, and bring yourself well every day.

10 W Magic Circle Wireless Charger

[Protect Your Phone In 8 Aspects] 

Magic Circle Wireless Charger also protects your phone with its magical power. Keep your phone far away from the damage of overcharging current, over-voltage, overheat, overpower, overcharging while charging.

It won’t blame other things like a key chain or other things, and it could stop charging by itself if there is a short circuit between the magic circle wireless charger and your phone.

Besides, the magic array also protects your phone from the interference of magnetic fields.

[Universal Compatibility]

The Magic Circle Wireless Charger is adapted to all Qi-compatible devices, including iPhone: iPhone 8/8P/X/XS/XS Max/XR/11 MINI/11/11 Pro/Pro Max/12 MINI/12/12 Pro Max; Samsung: S6/6dege/6dege+/S7/S7edge/Note5/Note6/Note7/Note8/Note9/S8/S8+/S9…; Nokia820/830/920/925/928/929/930/1020/1520/8Sirocco…; YOTA: YOTAPhoe2…all the phones that support Qi.

[Unique Design]

10 W Magic Circle Wireless Charger

HiyaaHome Magic Circle Wireless Charger wants to bring you more exciting elements and convenience.

No need to take off the phone case; no more finding the charging cable or charging port; just put your phone onto the magic circle wireless charging, and your phone gets charging. Bring you a sense of ritual to your every charging.

[Not Only A Charging Plate] 

Magic Circle Wireless Charger is a plate for charging and could be a plate to put the garage kid as the magic array would light up once the plate gets electric power. Best plate to set your garage kid of Naruto or other characters in other anime. Also could be a night light to sleep with you as its proper brightness.


  • Would you please check your phone’s back whether or not attached with coins, Bank Cards, IC Card etc.?
  • Would you please make sure that the USB port is connected correctly before charging?
  • For a better experience of charging, please remove the phone case if your phone case has metal.
  • Not available for phone cases that are thicker than 6mm.

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